My feet. I always had a problem with my feet.

At first, there were not big enough. Now they are too big. 

But, I am here. Learning to love myself for all that I am. Realizing that I am more than my feet.

Here is a little background.

I am currently a size 9.5 in women and only five foot five weighing in at 165. What can I say I’m curvet with big ole feet? To me for my size my feet are humongous. But this I look up some statistics and guess what my size is pretty fucking average. Nothing really big in it. It is not like I have a problem finding shoes. I never have to order online or go to some special site for shoes.

At times, my size may be SOLD OUT but that is because when I think about it my size is pretty average. Now, not all things look glamorous on me but I can deal.

Well, can I?

I can say this self-discovery of myself has me looking within.

There are still things I do want to change about my feet but I found some ways around it.

So I have two corns or evidence of corns. And they aren’t technically from wearing small shoes to contrary belief.

Actually, they mostly come from wearing bigger shoes where my foot would slide up to the front and have a party rubbing and kissing and whatever you would like to say.

But, that happened because sometimes I would so badly want a shoe that I was in between the sizes or they did not have my size all together.

Part of my impulse problem.

But I got them. That day and wore them like I was the hottest thing on the block even though my feet may be hurting.

Now, I am learning.

I am actually getting back into sneakers even though I feel like it makes my feet look big but I truly feel like I am over exaggerating.

These are some sneakers I brought in Europe for 3 euros. They are nice but only problem they are a little too big. but I deal even though I feel like BIG FOOT is coming through.

But I have to take care of my feet. No more looking cute. I honestly go into the store and look for comfort.

Price may not be $5 but I rather spend $50 and have a lasting pair of kicks or sandals that give me the support I need.

At the end of day all I have is me. And my feet are part of that.

I can walk, I can run and I can swim.

Some people wish they can but unfortunately they cannot.

So these two feet I was given, I am going to take good care of and appreciate the hell out of them.

And you should too.

Raw feet. Me appreciating the journey these babes have taken me on.

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